The most powerful fitness marketing tool available

A Huge Return on Your Investment

Fitness Giftcards are the hottest thing to hit the fitness industry in a long time. The effectiveness of this tiny marketing powerhouse will amaze you. Especially when you can get 1,000 of them for only $397! How many memberships or personal training packages could you sell if you distributed 1,000 gift cards? A lot more than $397 worth!

If you have a gym with over 500 members, you’ll want to go for one of the larger packages to save the most. If you are a personal trainer or studio owner, perhaps the 500 quantity will suit you just fine…but don’t forget, it’s only $100 more to double your order to 1,000 fitness giftcards. Or if you really love to save, it’s only another $100 to double the entire order again!

The more you buy, the more you save!

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Fitness Gift Cards have proven themselves client after client, location after location. Whether you operate a large multi-purpose health club or a small neighborhood studio, you will generate a HUGE return on your investment using this powerful marketing tool.